4 Simple steps to migrate from Blogspot to WordPress

All these years, we at Saleiz Webhosting have done lots of migration for our clients. Most of them want to try out WordPress, but was too afraid to do it. We can help you do the migration for you but I would like to share how the proper migration can be done. Especially if you want to change from .blogspot.com subdomain to your own domain.

4 simple steps to migrate from blogspot to wordpress

A proper migration will avoid you from loosing you content and your regular readers. First of all, you need to register a domain. If you are changing from blogspot subdomain to your own domain. You will need to setup the new domain in your blogspot account first.

This step is really important as you want to use the redirection function built in blogspot service to redirect all the visitor that visit your previous url (subdomain of blogspot.com) to the new domain.

Once that is done, then you can start your migration process. These are the steps in our SOP when we do blogspot migration to WordPress.

  1. Setup WordPress on your new hosting account,  you can use our softaculous installer to do this.
  2. Login to your WordPress and install Import Tools to import content from your blogspot account.
  3. Run the import tools – you will need to grant access to allow the plugin to fetch all contents from your existing blog.
  4. Update your nameserver to current setup – leave the setting on blogspot as is, because we want google to redirect all our readers to the new domain.

That’s 4 simple steps you can follow to ensure you didn’t loose your content and your readers. If you still in doubt on doing the migration, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you with the migration.


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