4 things to keep in mind when choosing a domain name

Domain name is an important piece of information for our website. We will use our domain to promote our brand, products, services and other things we want to promote via our website. It is important we choose the right domain name for our cause.

There are few things you need to consider before choosing your domain name.

Choose the right domain name

Easy to pronounce

A good domain can be pronounce easily. Don’t use domain that is not pronounceable, you will have hard time when trying to mention your domain during conversation with other people.

Keep it short

Keep it short. The shorter the better, domain with two or three syllables are preferable but if you need to push it, don’t go beyond four syllables unless that’s the only option you have.

Avoid using number in domain

There was a trend when people love to put number in their domain i.e: mydomain2u.com. If you going to introduce your domain, you need to explain to that particular person, that mydomaintoyou is using number 2 and U not you.

This can be really confusing, better to avoid it before you facing this kind of situation.

Try to use your brand/productc/company name

Domain is part of your marketing and branding process. If you going to choose domain name for your business, please try whenever possible to keep the domain as close to you brand as possible.

It cost a lot to build brand, and don’t make mistake by simply choosing any domain name, just because the cost to register a domain is really low.

I hope you can choose a better domain after this. If you need any help, please contact us for further assistant on how to choose a good domain name.


  1. Eric says

    It is NOT easy finding a domain name these days. All of the short variations are taken which led me to using 20+ character domain names. It’s awful.

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