About Saleiz Webhosting

saleiz-about-usSaleiz webhosting provides you reliable and good services of webhosting packages. We’ve provided various kind of packages of the Webhosting throughout Malaysia and also several other countries.

Our main target is to serve good and quality products to others and to make the web activities a fun thing to do.

We’ve been in this industry since 2004 and up till now, we still running strong to give the best service as we possibly can. During these years, we’ve encountered various challenges and stumble upon a lot of hurdles, thanks to all our clients that still supporting our service.

2014 will be our year aiming to provide even better service, our leader, a young developer that want to provide affordable service to all our clients to help them out with web solutions. This is one of his way to provide something usefull to the society.

We have various kind of clients, from personal, company and even an organisation. We hope someday we will be one of the best service provider in the world, from time to time we will try our best to provide better service to our client.

Feel free to contact us and get to know us better.